Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was mentioned on CSPAN during the Republican convention

Last week, I found a article on Huffington Post about Gov. Palin speaking at her church. I posted a link to the article on Twitter. Blogger ThePete saw it in my Twitter stream and posted it on his blog. Then, Leslie Bradshaw, who was working with CSPAN, posted my and ThePete's posts on the CSPAN Campaign 2008 site, AND mentioned both of us on air during the RNC convention. (The mention is at 0:29)

Amazing world, huh?

(If you'd like to see the entire video, including footage of Gov. Palin speaking at her church, go here.)


Dave said...

How did you even find out about the mention!?

W Doug said...

The power of the web!

I've watched one of these videos of her speaking at her church. Like Rick Warren, she says she believes in separation of church and state, but their actions say something very different!!!

Lesli3 said...

@Bill -- so glad ThePete captured this. I am sending your blog posts around to my friends and family, btw. Like I was saying to ThePete, you 'beat me to it,' in the sense that I still have to grab it from the archives :)

@dave -- I actually reached out to Bill and ThePete to let them know I was going to mention them (that's part of my job and how I try to do things as a Community Manager online). Rock!

@w doug -- Absolutely. When you really think about how much we each contribute to views on YouTube (etc.) when we mention it to a friend, post it to our blogs, tweet about it on Twitter... you can see how 100s of 1,000s of views start to tabulate. Bill and ThePete were front and center in spreading this throughout the interconnectivity that is the "web."

Bill Bittner said...

Thanks for your responses. And I'm glad you don't think it was too wrong that Pete grabbed the video. And thanks for sending my posts around.

Brickgrrl said...

You put something out there and you never know how much good it will do. And sometimes it does.